We Crush Any Rock





PTH:  simply the world's best, most innovative stone and rock crushing equipment.




PTH is a family-run business in Neuberg an der Mürz, Austria.  PTH maintains approximately 15 miles of forest and alpine roads in the local area.



In a service provider role, PTH has continuously developed environmentally compatible and cost-efficient alternatives for street, forest and alpine road construction and maintenance.


The general principle is road construction using existing, on-site material.
This means:

Tearing up old roads with our PTH ripper (subsoiler, grubber)
Breaking up existing material with our mobile PTH rock crushers and
Re-installing, profiling and compacting the existing material with the PTH speed grader and the PTH compactor.


PTH machines work in the most cost-effective, environmentally compatible way possible while maintaining the highest possible quality. The method PTH applies for road and forest road maintenance has proven itself for decades.


PTH products are characterized by a high degree of reliability, patented high-performance tools, replaceable interior wear parts and the highest quality standards for all components. PTH will assist you in mastering the most difficult tasks quickly, easily and economically, while maintaining high quality.


These machines are conceived for applications in the construction and renovation of roads, forest roads, alpine roads, freight traffic roads, gravel roads, sporting venues, food plots, ski slopes or parking lots. The PTH crusher can crush concrete paving stones or railway track ballast with little problem.